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Today : 07.02.2020

    About Tanger company


Dignity and honor above all are the fundamental credentials both for a human and for a company. So is the quality of the services provided, its assurance up to standard and sustainable development over years.

We do value honesty, efficiency, sense of obligation in cooperative relations, and remain loyal and flexible to our customers alongside demonstrating principal adherence to the essence of our work.

That is why international brands trust us in the selection and management of human resources for them.

Nana Heruni

Managing Director Of Tanger Recruitment company

Our mission is to contribute to the successful development of our customers' businesses by providing high quality service , including, but not limited to recruitment and human resources management that are compliant with the world standards. We guide job seekers in achieving success in their careers, finding a suitable job that matches their values, strengths and skills, as well as grant our staff members with an opportunity to achieve heights of professionalism and perform fruitful work in the company.

Our goal is to acquire new skills and potential to reach to new professional heights, as well as to improve the status and financial well-being for both our company and our customers.

Our staff is a team of like-minded people thanks to whom our company "Tanger" aims to overcome challenges and solve problems of any complexity. We value our principles and achievements!

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