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Today : 11.12.2018

    About Tanger company

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Tanger recruitment company has been established in 2000. We bridge the employers on the one hand and job seekers and those wishing to change their jobs for more interesting, more perspective and better paid on the other. Throughout our work we have earned great success, praises and appreciation on the part of thousands   of people.

Our personnel employment cooperate with the biggest recruiting companies of Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe; implement joint projects both on the territory of Armenia and in other countries. In Armenia we represent such huge Russian recruitment companies as "Metropolis", "100 regions", "ANCOR Holding".

Our employment agency also carry out a joint program with the State Employment Service Agency of Armeniaand international organizations. 

We are also engaged in a series of public activities, and are, for example, co-founders of the association "Adult education and long life learning". Founder and Managing Director of Recruitment Company "Tanger" Mrs. Nana Heruni is also the Chair of Private Employment Agencies Sectorial Union of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia.

Over years of successfully spread activities our recruitment/employment agency is leading the way on the Armenian market. Our customers are largest local organizations of Armenia, as well as international companies. We do business with long standing and renowned organizations and banks, as well as with international organizations which either have long functioned or are just stepping into the Armenian market. We hunt and recruit personnel up to the position of Representative Office Director for these organizations. The candidates are interviewed and are professionally and psychologically tested.

Below is the list of some positions and clients, for which we selected specialists:

    • British American Tobacco

British tobacco company, one of tobacco industry leaders with a huge portfolio of brands Providing outstaffing service.

    • Hewlett-Packard Company

À large American company in the field of Information Technology, a provider of hardware and software. Providing outstaffing service.

    • Janssen-Cilag ( Johnson&Johnson (Pharma))

Belgian pharmaceutical company, part of the corporation Johnson & Johnson. Regional representatives in Armenia

    • Gillette Group

USA company (brands Brown, Duracell, Oral-B). Regional representative in Armenia.

    • "Intel Technologies, Inc."

USA IT company. Regional representative in Armenia.

    • "Kalina" concern

Russian cosmetics company. Regional representative in Armenia.

    • Kaspersky Lab

Developer of protection systems against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyber threats. Providing outstaffing service

    • LG Electronics

The South Korean company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and home appliancesProviding services for the recruitment and outsourcing.

    • Samsung Electronics

South Korean electronics and digital technology company. Regional representative in Armenia.

    • "Intracom"

Greek telecommunications company. Commercial director.

    • Sopharma JSCO

pharmaceutical company. Regional representative in Armenia.P"Faberlic"

Russian cosmetics company. All staff of Armenian Representation, including the director.

    • Frederic M

French cosmetics company. Regional representative in Armenia.

    • Norbert Schaller

An Austrian company producing equipment for meat production. Regional representative, other staff in Armenia and provide outstaffing service.

    • Gedeon Richter

Hungarian pharmaceutical company. Staff for the pharmacy network.

    • Mary Kay

USA cosmetics company. All staff of Armenian Representation, including the director.

    • Eurasian Development Bank

Deputy Director, the head of the investment projects and other staff.

    • Nokia Siemens Networks CJSC

International telecommunications company. Providing Outstaffing service.

    • Raytheon Technical Services Company

American company for the production of strategic weapons the United States and NATO, working on government contracts. Executive search for a project in Armenia, also providing outstaffing service.

    • "Atlas Copco Central Asia " LLP

      International company of mining and construction equipment. Service engineer.

    • LC Distribution (Abris Distribution)

      International company in the field of IT, telecommunications, import and sales of computer and digital technology). Director of Armenian representation, Head of sales department

          and others.

The applicants and organizations heads can get familiarized with the list of services offered in the VACANCIES, EMPLOYERS, USEFUL INFORMATION, LOOKING FOR A JOB sections, and hopefully can get hold of interesting and helpful pieces of information.

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