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Today : 07.02.2020

Tanger    Staff leasing in Armenia, Yerevan, hr outsourcing, outstaffing
    About us & our services

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    Over years of successfully spread activities the Tanger Recruitment Agency is leading the way on the Armenian market. Our customers are largest local organizations of Armenia, as well as overseas companies. We do business with long standing and renowned organizations and banks, as well as with international organizations which either have long functioned or are just stepping into the Armenian market. We hunt and recruit personnel up to the position of Representative Office Director for these organizations. The candidates are interviewed and are professionally and psychologically tested.

The list of some positions and clients, for which we selected specialists:
  • British American Tobacco,
  • British tobacco company, one of tobacco industry leaders with a huge portfolio of brands. Providing outstaffing service.

  • Hewlett-Packard Company,
  • А large American company in the field of Information Technology, a provider of hardware and software. Providing outstaffing service.

  • "Janssen-Cilag" ( Johnson&Johnson (Pharma)),
  • Belgian pharmaceutical company, part of the corporation Johnson & Johnson. Regional representatives in Armenia

  • "Gillette Group",
  • USA company (brands Brown, Duracell, Oral-B). Regional representative in Armenia.

  • "Intel Technologies, Inc.",
  • USA IT company. Regional representative in Armenia.

  • "Kalina" concern,
  • Russian cosmetics company. Regional representative in Armenia.

  • Kaspersky Lab JSC,
  • Developer of protection systems against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyber threats.Providing outstaffing service

  • LG Electronics,
  • The South Korean company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and home appliancesProviding services for the recruitment and outsourcing

  • "Samsung Electronics",
  • South Korean electronics and digital technology company. Regional representative in Armenia.

  • "Intracom",
  • Greek telecommunications company. Commercial director.

  • "Sopharma JSCO",
  • pharmaceutical company. Regional representative in Armenia.

  • "Faberlic",
  • Russian cosmetics company. All staff of Armenian Representation, including the director.

  • Frederic M,
  • French cosmetics company. Regional representative in Armenia.

  • "Norbert Schaller",
  • an Austrian company producing equipment for meat production. Regional representative, other staff in Armenia and provide outstaffing service.

  • Gedeon Richter,
  • Hungarian pharmaceutical company. Staff for the pharmacy network.

  • "Mary Kay",
  • USA cosmetics company. All staff of Armenian Representation, including the director.

  • Eurasian Development Bank,
  • Deputy Director, the head of the investment projects and other staff.

  • "Nokia Siemens Networks CJSC",
  • Fn international telecommunications company. Providing Outstaffing service.

  • Raytheon Technical Services Company
  • an American company for the production of strategic weapons the United States and NATO, working on government contracts. Executive search for a project in Armenia, also providing outstaffing service.

  • "Atlas Copco Central Asia " LLP, Armenian branch.

    an international company of mining and construction equipment. Service engineer.

  • "LC Distribution" ("Abris Distribution").

    an international company in the field of IT, telecommunications, import and sales of computer and digital technology). Director of Armenian representation, Head of sales department.

  • and others.

  • Recruitment - search for middle level managers and specialists in various fields.
  • Executive search/Headhunting - selection of top level managers and narrow specialists.
  • Personnel rent: Outstaffing, HR-outsourcing , staff leasing.
  • Outplacement (service which provides advice and assistance to redundant staff in finding new employment).
  • Legal services.
  • Preparation and execution of documents for opening companies in Armenia.
  • Payroll calculation outsource service.
  • Organization (logistics) activities.
  • Organization of trainings and master classes for recruitment specialists.
  • Overview of salaries.
  • Preparation of individual conclusions for each candidate.
  • Selection of the personnel for your representative offices or branches in Russia, CIS countries and worldwide.
  • Personnel and legal consulting.
  • Services of baby-sitters, house-keepers, drivers, cooks.
  • Providing customized training for secretaries, administrative assistants of your organizations on ethics and office management courses.
  • Placing of interns in your organization for those who are interested in the particular areas of activities.
  • Organization of distance videointerviews with candidates in the regions and other countries.
  • Placement of vacancy announcements on our website.
  • Trainings of the English language for employees.

Why apply to "Tanger" recruitment agency?

In case of placing job posting on websites, you will get a feedback. You only need to know which sites are more popular and which ones are visited by the relevant professionals. You should also know the frequency of job posting to be more effective.
As a rule the overwhelming majority of successful managers and professionals have positions and would hardly respond to your announcement in mass media.
Quite often your open recruitment policy reveals the nuts and bolts of your company and the competitors immediately identify the direction you intend to strengthen. Besides when you wish to replace an employee having lack of perspective and are not able to "empty" the position too early, the open search may artificially create such a situation. (That is why it is appropriate for the employer to have interviews not in his company, in that case we arrange it in our office.) We will make a quick and professional selection, arrange the timing, and enable you to make your final selection from several proposed candidates. Therewith confidentiality is guaranteed.
The thing is that the people who you are looking for, might probably not look for you, they may have a job and not be a job-seeker. Meanwhile, our company has a database of the specialists being job-seekers 1 or 2 years ago. They have not decided to change their job, though theoretically are ready to do it. We also have the data of our nationals working abroad and willing to return to Armenia, and their data is not available in internet.
There are candidates who presently hold high managerial positions and who would not send their CVs to any companies, but are registered in our company being sure that we would refer them to relevant positions. In case you need a single specialist we offer you the service of headhunting, we take the responsibility of attracting and taking the specialist from other company.
If your announcement for the "hot" position attracts a bunch of "specialists" (experienced recruiters are well-aware of the candidates' feature to consider themselves capable of every single profession or a foreign language), then your company risks to be swamped for a week at least: the shower of calls and resumes will disrupt the regular work flow. Many companies therefore prefer to stay away from the invasion of "energetic" candidates, so they entrust the reliable recruiters to bear the brunt and to select 2-3 acceptable candidates out of hundreds for the vacancy. Indeed, the personnel recruitment and selection is a tough, subtle, vast job, which must be performed by professionals. It requires meticulous attention, timely, moral and physical efforts. Why should you bear it all?

Indeed in each work you should trust professionals. The employers pay the agency for the services depending on the vacancy, volume and terms of the accomplished work.

We are typified by the efficiency, competency and respect towards customers. Professionals bring in money. We bring in professionals.

Good luck to your business!

We consider that the interest- provoking information for employers is available at "USEFUL INFORMATION" section which also offers you samples of labor agreements.
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