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Today : 01.24.2019

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Our agency has never dealt and is presently not dealing with job placements abroad, however we are providing a "Manual for Labor Migrant in Russia", published by the International Labor Organization (IOM), in order to protect the labor migrant leaving Armenia for Russia from unattractive situations.






Our company would like to provide detailed information on our services we provide to employers regarding outstaffing, outsourcing and staff leasing. This variety of services is related to offering temporary staff both on short and long-term basis, as well as providing services over withdrawal from the company’s staff. The mentioned services give a good opportunity to employers to use labor resources and other opportunities on more flexible basis.


In the December of 2005 the "Adult Education and Lifelong Learning" (www.mku.am) Armenian Assosiation, which co-founder is our director Nana Heruni, became a member of the “European Association for the Education of Adults ” (EAEA).





The Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Association (the co-founder of which is the Tanger Recruitment Agency) in conjunction with the Logos Expo Center were arranged Career and Education Fair from April 26 to May 2. The events will encompass exhib

In the September of 2005 the Tanger personnel recruitment agency became a member of the AKRA credit company . The AKRA system is a centralized structure enabling to assemble , process and retain within the central database an entity -related trade credit

News In October 2005 we successfully fulfilled the order placed by Samsung Electronics to select a Representative in Armenia. The list of our clients has expanded and encompasses one more renowned cosmetics company, namely Faberlic, which is going to s

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