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Labour agreement form
Standard resume form

  • You are looking for a rewarding job
  • You want to change the boring job for a more exciting and well paid one.
  • You have no opportunity to fulfill your experience or your education to the full.
  • The volume of work is much or on the contrary you are bored in the boundaries of your present responsibilities.
  • You area good specialist and deserve more than you currently have
  • You have grown , but your top management disregards this fact
  • The company where you work is going through hard times.

The "Tanger" Recruitment Agency is honored to offer you the following list of services:
  • Employment in various fields
  • Internship for economists in one of the leading banks of Armenia
  • Internship for accountants in the banking field.
  • Internship for lawyers in the field of civil and business law at a large law company.
  • Training in office management and ethics for secretaries and administrative assistants.
  • Training for psychologists(neuro linguistic programming, essential transformation, desensitization through eye movement , somatic psychotherapy, and recreational psycho catalysis)
  • Trainings of the English language at different levels.
The "Tanger" Recruitment Agency is arranging multi-strand trainings in various fields at you will.

If you are a graduate and want to work as a secretary, administrative assistant, but have no experience, you are advised to take training in office ethics and management. It is run by an experienced trainer and she covers a wide range of issues related to work place setting and team work. The successfully completed training is definitely a specific experience that makes your employment more realistic and helps to recommend you to various organizations. It is known that inexperienced lawyers have a hard time finding a job. To assist in doing that we can offer you to take training in the civil and business law at a large law company. Along similar lines we offer training for economists to gain experience in one of the banks of Armenia. This way by obtaining specific work skills you will be employed more easily. Finally we want to stress that vacancies are many and a good specialist is a great asset everywhere. Therefore shift your stereotypes, visit us, and let us take care of your career. We will free you from endless resumes you send and innumerable visits you pay to different organizations. You will not be disappointed by our approach and quality of performance.

For registration:
  • 4 colored photographs (3x4)
  • Availability of passport at the time of registration and copy of passport

Registration includes the following services:
  • Drawing up a resume.
  • Consultancy regarding the labor market and evaluation of the opportunities of the candidate in the market.
  • Conclusion of the contract.
  • Test of language skills and, if necessary, further testing of different skills.
  • Vacancy offer (upon receipt of vacancies, appropriate skills, experience and preferences, including the salary of the applicant) with no time and vacancy number limit.
  • Calls to city and mobile phone numbers of the applicant, sms messages on provision of the vacancies.

Registration is not limited by time or number of vacancies offered.

For more information about the conditions of registration in the agency is available at
(+37410) 27-53-10, (+37460) 529-529, (+37491) 29-18-92 or contact us by e-mail: info@tanger.am.

You can also visit us from 10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m. on weekdays, and from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on Saturdays at 7 Kasyan st. , 2-nd entrance, app. 11.

Further on, in the VACANCIES section you can get familiarized with the daily renewed vacancies at our recruitment company as well as in the USEFUL section grasp information on how to prepare and dress for an interview, frequently asked questions by the employers, and many other interesting facts which will hopefully help you to find a job. USEFUL INFORMATION webpage offers you sample of labor agreement which must be signed when employing. We wish you capability to stand for your rights based on the legal awareness in the particular field.
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